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Manufacturer of Precision Turned Components

Quality is our commitment
Welcome to Khoon Ho Engineering Works Sdn Bhd

Certified ISO 9001:2015 Manufacturer of Precision

The Khoon Ho group's objectives is to provide a comprehensive and customized approach to supply the materials and components to our valued customers. We have a deep commitment to our customer's satisfaction and strive to excel our customers' expectations since we begin in 2000.
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Products & Services

Deliver wide range of products

products aluminium


Used extensively for aircraft construction, building materials, consumer durables (refrigerators, air conditioners, cooking utensils), electrical conductors, and chemical and food-processing equipment.
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products brass


Decoration for its bright gold-like appearance; for applications where low friction is required such as locks, gears, bearings, ammunition, and valves; for plumbing and electrical applications; and extensively in musical instruments.
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products free cutting steel


Commonly used in many mass production fields such as the automobile industry and household appliances - contain sulphur and some other elements, including tellurium, bismuth and lead, which promote machinability.
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Used in the kitchen accessories, cutlery and cookware. Less ductile grades of steel are used to make knife blades with sharp edges. More ductile grades of steel are used for items that have to be moulded into shape.
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Comprehensive & customise to our valued customers

More than 20 years of engineering excellence with a strong commitment to provide quality products, premium services, accurate communications and precise documentation to our valued customers both locally and worldwide.
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Tools & Machinery

Create to fit your specific needs

Cincom CNC Lathe Machine

Cincom CNC Lathe Machine

Okuma CNC Lathe Machine

Okuma CNC Lathe Machine

Star CNC Auto Lathe Machine

Bench Lathe Machine

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